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Employee Performance Center

Organization-wide recognition and rewards website for a national telecommunications company with 8,000 employees in 50 divisions.


  • Improve operational efficiencies. Many of the divisions were independent companies and retain vestiges of their old culture.
  • Monitor spending, eliminate duplication, and reduce paperwork.
  • Communicate to all employees a single message of performance standards.

Strategy and Structure

  • Create a “Performance Center” website platform to give managers a one-stop resource for program design, communication, training, tracking, recognition & rewards.
  • A Reward Points system builds engagement by enabling employees to combine earnings from multiple programs. Under the old system, an employee’s annual award earnings could have a high total value but, with monthly and quarterly programs, no single award was compelling.

Communications and Tracking

  • Based on website log-in, employees see only relevant programs. Some programs are for everyone, such as length of service awards. Others are defined by job category: a sales incentive travel contest, a customer satisfaction program for installers.
  • Administrators can implement online quizzes to help employees learn about new products and build job skills.

Awards and Recognition

  • The online awards platform has merchandise, travel, and gift cards.
  • Administrators can send electronic recognition cards and Reward Points to employees.
  • At the “Company Recognition Store,” managers can order logo merchandise and trophies, plus create and print personalized certificates for employees.


  • All 50 divisions are using the Performance Center, with measurable cost savings.
  • Participants are achieving awards of significant value.

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